Liesel decides to sleep in the bedroom after writing about her life so far in Heaven Street.  Hanz(Hans) kisses liesel goodnight, and turns off the bedroom light. Before leaving, he picks up the writing made by Liesel, he reads it, then smiles. He then kisses Liesel Again and decides to bring the writing to the basement. He would then write something himself in a response to Liesel's writing about her life in heaven street. But, would then fall asleep before writing the last sentence, "Liesel, I love -". During his sleep, Death comes to the picture. At midnight, the British Drops Bombs, and destroys the entire block of Heaven Street. Rosa, is the first to die. Her last thought was "Weasel". Next, was Liesel, She died, dreaming about her first book called "My Life On Heaven St." Hans? Well, lets just say that "Sturdy" is something to thank. The next Morning, The Survivors of the bombing are on the search for more of their people with the help of The Nazi Soldiers. Hans was found under the rubble of his house, Still alive. After getting up, he is confusedfrom the fact of the destruction around him. He is then on the search for his family "Liesel, Rosa?" He then stumbles upon a bloodied body...his wife...Rosa. Hans, then sobs loudly. He kisses Rosa and then faints. After waking up, he sees the Nazi soldiers carrying to what seems to be Liesel, Bloodied without a left arm and bended legs. Hans would then Sob loudly screaming liesel. He managed to say, "Rest in Peace...., Your majesty. And then Hugs her for a long period of time untill dying of A broken heart. The whole huddemburg family, Dead. The whole family was buried in the cemetery all next to eachother. The Jew, The family took care of returned, and mourned at the tombstones, especially, to Liesel. The end.