Barbara Steiner: The Mother of Six ChildrenEdit

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Barbra Steiner is the mother of Rudy Steiner and the other Steiner children. She is married to Alex Steiner. She was killed in The Himmel Street bombing. Her husband was the only surviving Steiner. She was a kind woman, as shown in the film when she rushes to give Hans her handkerchief after he is pushed down by soldiers. 

Barbra, like most mothers, cares deeply for her children. She doesn't want Rudy to be sent to the elite training. The Steiner's refusal leads to Alex Steiners conscription, and Rudy being on Himmel street during the bombing.

Barbara Steiner is the wonderful mother of her 6 children. She died in the Himmel street bombing that took place on Late August, 1943. She died with her children but her husband survived.