• Luke Newman-Silva


    February 7, 2017 by Luke Newman-Silva

    hi. goodbye

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  • KC Jones

    Welcome! :-)

    February 3, 2017 by KC Jones

    • Hello, my name is KC Jones. I am going to be your best friend!

    • Goodbye

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  • Lukas Contreras

    .gifs Iron Man

    April 1, 2016 by Lukas Contreras

    Hey again. I'm back for more .gifs for you all. Unfortunately, the last .gif blog I did, the uploads for the Book Thief did not work as the others did. So I will add in .gifs for Tony Stark/Iron Man from Iron Man (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013), and The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and a few new pics from the new Captain America the Winter Soldier (2016). If this upload does not work, then I will just have to tell you about my fun, but also very boring life. Okay?


    Lukas Contreras

    These are just the few flying sequences of Iron Man from all Marvel movies Robert Downey Jr. has played in. Enjoy! :-)

    Well, I hope that didn't make you sick to your stomach!

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  • Lukas Contreras

    Hi guys! i'm going to insert some .gifs for y'all from the Book Thief. And occasionally from other movies. IF you decide that you hate me and you want to say mean things about me, that's all good with me. If you decide you like me (not like dating type like), then again, all good with me. i am going to stop boring you now so yeah...........

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  • Lukas Contreras

    Hallo, mein Name ist Lukas Contreras. Ich bin 12 Jahre alt. Ich lebe in Mulchen Deutschland. Ich lebe mit meinen Brüdern Rudolf, Aaron und Hans. Ich habe vier Schwestern namens Rosa, Yasmin, Kelly und Sana. Ich bin in der siebten Klasse. Nach der Schule, während meiner Freizeit mag ich mit meinen Freunden abzuhängen. Sie sind um elf und dreizehn Jahre alt. Wie ist es mit Ihnen? Sprichst du Deutsch?

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  • Rey Jones

    About Me! :-)

    March 3, 2016 by Rey Jones

    Hi my name is Rey Jordyn Jones and I am a Wikia contributor/user! Bye!

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  • KC Jones

    Hi everyone, my name is KC Jones, i am born on March 3rd, i'm a male and i love the Book Thief movie/book. i've made my own Wikia called Awesome 3D Photos (i cant quite recall what i called it but whatevs!) Anyways, i love to write stories, create new characters, edit and create Wiki's for everyone, and i love Minecraft. i don't play minecraft anymore though because my parents dont like it and i guess i can agree with them sometimes it takes too much of your schoolwork and time and it can be quite distracting but fun. i'm excell in reading and spelling although i've got puncuation errors i really dont care but i excell in both reading and spelling i'm in college level for both reading and spelling i'm 13 years old. i'm German American so i…

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  • Jordon Adena

    Rudy Steiner was an amazing, beautiful, and inspiring character in the Book Thief. Don't you think so too? Here, I've added GIF images and photos of Rudy Steiner. Enjoy!

    I have also taken the time to write acknowledgments to all of my friends for thinking of this idea. These friends of mine are not from Wikia so don't worry!

    Thank you:

    Andrew Jones

    Jared Griffith

    Michael "Mike" McAdams

    Erica Taylor

    Yosamy Flores Martinez

    Judith Prichard

    Henry Bass

    Alicai Cavenaugh

    Tristan Holcombe

    Jasmine Kutcher

    Marissa Schroeder

    Jasper Stewart

    Tamara Lambert

    Ashton Quenton

    Uma Lease

    Liesel Nixon

    Aidan Williams

    Thank you to all who appreciate my blogs! :-)

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